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Visiting Our Beverly Hills Gastroenterologist

What You Should Know

The Center for GI Health sees a limited number of patients per day so that Dr. Nowain can spend more time with each patient. We do, however, accept new patients. If it is your first time visiting us, send over as much information as possible to help Dr. Nowain get up to speed on your medical history by fax or email. If you are seeking a second opinion for a chronic, reoccurring condition, it is helpful to send the information explaining when your symptoms started, how your symptoms have changed over time, and other information about you. If your symptoms are new, try to describe them in detail so that he can make a more accurate diagnosis. You can fax your information to (310) 657-4444 or send us an email.

Information You Should Bring

In addition to any prior medical history information, you will want to bring the following items along to your first appointment:

• Previous doctor visit clinic notes
• Radiology reports – x-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI
• EGD/colonoscopy operative reports
• EGD/colonoscopy biopsy results
• Prior laboratory results (blood, stool, or urine test results)
• Any other pertinent information
• Written list of medications taken
• Hospital discharge summary

Make an appointment with Center for GI Health today by calling (310) 657-4444.

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