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If you suffer from hemorrhoids, you’re not alone. Almost every adult will deal with hemorrhoids at some point during their lifetime. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lower rectum or anus. They can be caused by dehydration – including from excessive exercise – prolonged sitting or constipation, and even pregnancy. Believe it or not, it might only take one episode of constipation to cause a hemorrhoid. There are two types of hemorrhoids – internal and external. A physical examination is necessary to determine which type of hemorrhoid you may have.

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Hemorrhoid Treatment in Beverly Hills

The treatment for hemorrhoids depends on their location and severity. At the Center for GI Health, Dr. Nowain approaches each case with a three-step process.

Three-Step Process:

  • Make an accurate diagnosis of the hemorrhoids by listening to a patient’s symptoms and performing an examination
  • Cover the various treatment options with the patient
  • Determine and perform the preferred hemorrhoid treatment

Treatment options vary based on whether the hemorrhoids are internal or external. For internal hemorrhoids, Dr. Nowain prefers hemorrhoid banding ligation – a surgery-free procedure with negligible recovery time and little to no pain. Topical medications and prescription options are only a temporary fix for internal hemorrhoids. Banding gets rid of them entirely – and they generally do not return with proper bowel habits.
*Banding ligation cannot be performed on pregnant women

External hemorrhoids cannot be treated by band ligation, but Dr. Nowain can prescribe medications to help resolve your symptoms and prevent them from coming back.

Hemorrhoid Band Ligation

The hemorrhoid band ligation procedure is brief, painless, and performed in the comfortable offices at The Center for GI Health. Dr. Nowain uses the CRH O’Regan FDA approved system, which uses gentle suction to hold the hemorrhoid in place and then places a small rubber band around the tissue just above the hemorrhoid. This procedure is painless, as it is performed above the nerve line. The procedure cuts off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid, causing it to fall off after a day or two during a bowel movement. You won’t even feel it! Once the hemorrhoid has fallen off, the wound will heal in a few days. You may experience a slight dull pressure sensation or a feeling of rectal fullness for 12-24 hours following the procedure but typically leave with no pain.

Is Hemorrhoid Banding Safe?

Hemorrhoid banding has a high success rate with few complications – and a reduced rate of hemorrhoid reoccurrence. Dr. Nowain has performed thousands of banding procedures, and he has consistently found the treatment to be extremely safe and successful.

This technique is safer for several reasons:

  • Traditional banding techniques use metal-toothed clamps, which have a higher risk of pain and bleeding
  • The instruments used are smaller – making the procedure more comfortable for patients
  • The instruments used are single use and 100% disposable – which means less risk of contamination and infection
  • Patients do not require anesthesia

After the procedure, it is important to take care of the affected area to avoid a recurrence. View our convenient hemorrhoid banding care instructions.

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