Finding a GI Doctor

Here are some key points you should look out for in a good GI doctor:


  • Check their credentials, their license, and board certification. 
  • A doctor trained in the latest, least invasive techniques.
  • Someone who performs a large volume of the procedure that you are having done.
  • A doctor who takes their time withdrawing from the colon during colonoscopy. Studies show that a withdrawal time of at least 8 minutes is necessary so as not to miss any polyps or lesions; Dr. Nowain’s withdrawal times are 12-15 minutes on average.
  • Adenoma detection rates: percentage of colonoscopies where pre-cancerous polyps are found. If this is lower than the average, the physician may be missing lesions.
  • Hospital privileges of the doctor. If you are going to have in-patient care, where will it be? This is helpful because you can find the hospitals with good GI disease treatment facilities.
  • Someone who will listen to the patient, understand their problem, and then work WITH them to solve it.

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