How A Colonoscopy Can Prevent Colon Cancer

colon polypsThe word colonoscopy is not a happy one in most peoples’ minds. They think that the procedure is uncomfortable, intrusive, and some are simply scared by it. While these myths are exaggerated and untrue, there’s one key factor that’s usually left out: life saving. Colonoscopies save lives by detecting colon polyps that can be or already are cancerous.

As we age, the likelihood that we have these types of colon growths becomes far more prevalent, further reinforcing everyone’s needs to book an appointment with a gastroenterologist like Ari Nowain, MD. Dr. Nowain specializes in the detection and removal of colon polyps and has treated thousands of patients in the greater Los Angeles area so that they can lead healthy, normal lives.

How To Prevent Colon Cancer

In the US, 1 out of 20 people, or 5% of the American population, will develop colon cancer if they do not undergo a colonoscopy. This is a very large number and speaks to the important role a colonoscopy can play in saving lives.

A recent medical analysis compiled the colonoscopy results of eight different studies. Over a combined 9,000 patients were within the study, all of which underwent a baseline colonoscopy to remove abnormal growths. The study found that a total of 54 patients wound up contracting either stage I or stage II colon cancer. Of that, 52% of the patients that contracted cancer probably occurred because of missed polyps during their colonoscopy procedure. The study also reported that 7 people died from colon cancer during the study.

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of death among Americans. Luckily, it can be detected and usually prevented with a colonoscopy. However, as the study points out, even with a colonoscopy, precancerous colon polyps can be missed. When undergoing a colonoscopy, the goal is always to maximize the rate of polyp detection because it can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Increase Your Detection Rate With A Third Eye Colonoscopy

Dr. Nowain out of the Center for GI Health in Beverly Hills offers his patients a device called the Third Eye Colonoscopy to conduct colonoscopies. The Third Eye Colonoscopy is a reverse viewing camera, that when coupled with the standard forward viewing camera allows for a much greater range of visibility. This is a crucial difference between Dr. Nowain’s colonoscopy practice and the many other gastroenterologists that operate in LA. Many missed colon polyps are located on the back of a fold within the colon lining and can’t be seen with a standard colonoscopy. Clinical trials showed an increase of an astounding 40% increase in detection among higher risk patients.

Prevent Colon Cancer With LA Gastroenterologist Dr. Nowain

The choice to go with the right doctor is a crucial one and heavily depends on a patient’s level of comfort. Fortunately, expert LA gastroenterologist Dr. Nowain prides himself on an open discourse to put any and all of his patients concerns to rest. His years of experience and honest candor have helped thousands of people in LA live better, healthier lives. Feel free to read some of Dr. Nowain’s Yelp reviews for a look at others’ experiences, including his patient Rick D.’s personal account of his colonoscopy.  If you’re interested in preventing colon cancer with Dr. Nowain’s Third Eye Colonoscopy, please don’t hesitate to contact his office at (310) 657-4444.