Endoscopy Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

endoscopy los angelesEndoscopy is an invasive non-surgical diagnostic and therapeutic procedure which is performed inside the upper and lower part of our intestine. While the procedure for visualization of the upper part of the gastrointestinal track is known as EGD or GI upper Endoscopy, Colonoscopy is performed for visualization of the lower intestinal track.

The upper GI endoscopic procedure is used for treatment and diagnosis of certain medical conditions those that have occurred inside the stomach, duodenum and the esophagus. It is usually used for treating cancerous tissues, polyps, strictures and also abnormal bleeding inside the gastrointestinal track.

While performing Upper GI Endoscopy, patients are sedated with local anesthesia before insertion of a small flexible endoscopic device. The endoscopic device consists of a camera, fiber optic light source and an open path for insertion of application tools that are needed for providing medication or doing biopsy of the tissues inside the gastrointestinal pathway.

For patients who are suffering from a long history of nausea, vomiting, GERD and heart burns Upper GI Endoscopy is often conducted for examination of their stomach and their esophageal track. Difficulty in swallowing and intense pain in the abdominal region also requires the help of endoscopic procedures for investigation of the disease. Mal-absorption syndromes and infections caused by upper GI diseases are also treated with endoscopic procedures.

Capsule Endoscopy is a modern medical marvel that allows the physician to house a small PillCam (small bowel video capsule) inside the intestine. This Pillcam capsule which contains an imaging device and a light source enables the physician to capture 50,000 pictures of the small intestine over a period of 8 hours. The Endoscopic PillCam weighs less than 4 grams and has a dimension of 1.1cm x 2.6cm.

Lower GI Endoscopy, which is also known as Colonoscopy, is a retrograde procedure, which allows the endoscope to examine the lower intestinal track. Colonoscopy is performed for the purpose of early detection and removal of colon polyps which can result into colon cancer at a later stage. Colonoscopy is also used for Hemorrhoid banding which is one of the most effective modern treatments for the cure of piles.

Third Eye Colonoscopy is an advanced modern day cutting edge tool which provides a complete view of the colon lining. This is a new technology which increase the likelihood of detecting and removing colon polyps more efficiently, by providing ‘anterograde’ and ‘retrograde’ view of the lower intestinal track.

While Colonoscopy is a more lengthy procedure which take around 2-3 hours, upper GI Endoscopy is comparatively much simpler and takes not more than ten to fifteen minutes.

Both upper GI Endoscopy (EGD) and Lower GI Endoscopy require pre-examination preparations. However, these preparations are mostly simple and can even be done at home, before arriving at the clinic.

As Endoscopic procedures are covered by insurance, people those who are suffering from Abdominal Pain, Hemorrhoids, Gas and Bloating, GRED and Heartburns, Hemorrhoids and Colo-rectal bleeding must get themselves check by endoscopic gastrointestinal physician to avoid medical complications in the long run.

It has also been aptly observed that Colon Cancer, if detected and treated at an early stage with the help of an endoscopic procedure, can reduce mortality of the patient by many years.