Colonoscopies Needed For Patients With Cystic Fibrosis

colonoscopy-cystic-fibrosis-cancer-screeningA recent study by Alexander Khoruts, MD from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis has found a link between patients with cystic fibroses (CF) and an increased likelihood of colon polyps. Colon polyps, or colorectal polyps, are growths that occur within the lining of the colon or rectum that can lead to cancer. While the study is an abstract and has yet to be published, these findings emphasize the pressing need of all patients, in particular those with cystic fibrosis, to have colonoscopies.

Dr. Khoruts’ findings concluded that 60% of males and 11% of females with CF had colon polyps. This is the first study of its kind because CF patients used to only live into there 20s and 30s. The advent of effective pulmonary treatments has greatly increased patients’ lifespans, adding 20 to 30 years. Now that CF patients are living into there 60s, there are other, emerging health concerns that need to be addressed. This study marks the first approach for gastroenterologists like Dr. Nowain to begin screening CF patients for colon polyps.

The Minnesota Cystic Fibrosis Center has begun screening all patients 40-years-old and up with colonoscopies, especially men, who’s risk of contracting polyps can be as much as twice the general population. All patients in the study that had follow-up colonoscopies within 1-to-3 years had multiple instances of colorectal polyps.

Colonoscopies Keep You Safe

While these findings are disturbing, luckily a colonoscopy is a simple and effective way of screening for these unnatural growths. Although you may not have CF, this study points to the importance of maintaining regular bowel movements, a healthy lifestyle, and having a colonoscopy at an appropriate time.

Ari Nowain, MD heads the Center for GI Health and is an expert gastroenterologist who specializes in colonoscopies and removing colon polyps. The difference between Dr. Nowain and other gastroenterologists is he performs a special type of colonoscopy called the Third Eye Colonoscopy. Unlike normal colonoscopies that only allow the doctor to see directly in front of them when they’re within the large intestine, the Third Eye Colonoscopy has a patented forward and rear camera. The additional backwards camera allows for increased visibility within a patient’s colon and as a result improves the likelihood of polyp detection by 20%.

Polyps, like the ones discussed by Dr. Khoruts, can lead to colorectal cancer, which is the second leading cause of death among Americans in the United States. Colonoscopies are the first step to diagnosing polyps. By seeing Dr. Nowain and utilizing the Third Eye Colonoscopy, patients can significantly improve their chances of detection and treatment. Ultimately, everyone is a good candidate for this procedure, in particular individuals with CF, because it allows for an extra safeguard against potential growths.

Book Your Third Eye Colonoscopy Today

Dr. Nowain has years of experience performing colonoscopies. He’s helped thousands of patients by detecting and removing any potential malignant polyps. His hands on approach and sensitivity to individual issues make him the perfect gastroenterologist for patients hesitant to undergo this type of procedure. If you or someone you know would like a consultation about a colonoscopy or the risks associated with colon cancer, call (310) 657-4444 to schedule an appointment today.